Half of all seaborne traffic in Croatia is cleared by us!

We are able to provide professional service, good quality, competitive value in all our activities:

  • Ship clearance and related services in all Croatian ports
  • Forwarding, multimodal transport, logistic solutions, customs clearance
  • International and domestic brokering/booking of ships, cargoes and bunkering

We are a full international logistics service provider specialized in arranging any kind of transport service to any place via ocean, road, rail or air, always having in mind to meet customer’s requirements.

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70 years of experience in dry cargo and tanker chartering. Sale and purchase of second hand vessels. Highest quality, safe, environmentally friendly and economical management and operation of clients ships.

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Port Agency

Clearance and general husbanding agents for tramps, liners, bulk and ore-carriers, special purpose crafts, frigo vessels, tankers, liquified gas and chemical carriers, cruise and passenger vessels agents.

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