Construction kickoff for our state-of-the-Art Logistics center in the Bakar Industrial zone

In the heart of Rijeka, at our headquarters, a contract was signed for the construction of our new logistics center in the Bakar industrial zone. The contract was officially signed by the General Director of Jadroagent, Mario Štefanić, together with the CEO of GP Krk, Sanjin Purić, and the CEO of Tromont, Ivan Parčin, who formed the bidding consortium. We are also proud to announce that Mr. Štefanić has signed a contract with Janez Pušnik and Zdenka Pušnik from the Slovenian company Eho for the construction of the refrigerated part of the warehouse.

The biggest investment in the history of Jadroagent

This investment represents a significant step in the development of Jadroagent. The new logistics centre will be a huge complex with an impressive area of 11,295 square metres. The planned construction will take place in several stages and will include 3,495 square metres of cold storage, around 6,000 square metres of floor or high-bay storage without temperature restrictions and 1,000 square metres of modern offices for employees and customers.

A word from our CEO

The CEO, Mario Štefanić, underlines the size and importance of this investment: “With the new logistics center, we will significantly expand our capacities so that we can expand our business and become even more competitive on the international maritime and transport market. This will contribute to the future growth of our company, create more jobs, and contribute to the economic development of the region. The fact that this industry accounts for 20 percent of Croatia’s gross domestic product confirms its importance: this project reflects our belief in the further growth and development of the Rijeka transport corridor.”